In this digital age, creating content is essential for small brands looking to expand their reach.

We UTILIZE creative co-working spaces to enable entrepreneurs to produce content at their convenience.

Owners & Operatiors

Helena-Kelleese, Entrepreneur + Creative

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Solving Problems

Startups and entrepreneurs often struggle with content creation due to limited resources. By providing opportunities to collaborate and create with professionals, co-working spaces can help address some of the challenges faced by small businesses when it comes to content creation.

Enhanced Value

Co-working spaces can differentiate themselves from other shared office providers and offer additional value to their members. Perfect for members who are looking for more than just a workspace, but also a community of like-minded professionals who can help them grow their businesses.

Encouraging Collaboration

The Content Co-Op helps co-working spaces create a sense of belonging and offer opportunities for members to work together and share their skills.

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Choose the date and time slot you want to book, and schedule a consultation call.


Give a detailed description of your content creation needs, and discuss what type of content you need to create.


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Arrive at the location at your designated time, and let us do the rest! We will film, edit, and deliver your content for various platforms.

Examples of Our Work

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Content Type: Commerical

Do you have a product you need to make a commercial for? We have the ability to produce content tailored to a wide range of industries. Get creative and add a splash of color to your content by using a backdrop. Check out this short commercial filmed with just the client and the product.

Client | Hollywood Shirley temple, DJ Willy WOw

Examples of Our Work

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Content Type: Educational

Produce educational content directly from your workspace. By providing valuable information and insights, you can show your audience that you understand their needs and are committed to helping them succeed. This client chose to create an intro for their virtual learning course.

Result: 2-3 minute intro videos for Teachable

Client | GG Brows

Examples of Our Work

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Concept/ Idea : In honor of Women's History Month, the Village wanted to highlight the women staff members with them speaking on their experience as working women, moms, and being overall kick-ass, boss women.

Result: 2 minute video for newsletter, YouTube page, and One 1 minute reel for social media.

Client | Village micro fund

"With over 20 years of combined experience, we have helped small businesses and entrepreneurs, focusing on quality content creation, brand development, product/service positioning, and brand awareness. "


Brand Development + Placement

Creative Director

Andy Metayer

Director | Editor

Lead Creative Director

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